Don't Blow $10,000.00 - Impaired Driving Services Available
(From 'Moody on the Market' article)

Most of us have seen the compelling billboards around Michigan's Great Southwest saying ..."You just blew $10,000.00." It's a public service message warning that "Buzzed driving is drunk driving."

Locally, an experienced police officer is working to do his part to keep drunk drivers out of trouble with his newly established towing company headquartered in Bridgman. Dennis Franklin says that as a police officer he sees the entire spectrum. He says he has seen too much...including instances where a persons entire life flashes before their eyes as well as the impact that DUI charges have on a person's financial and employment status. His new venture, Denny's Towing of Bridgman was launched on New Year's Day to help deal with that issue.

He features two flat-bed wreckers and he is directly targeting Drinking & Driving. With this being Super Bowl Weekend, he knows all too well that there will be instances of over-indulging. He encourages those who have pushed the limits too far to be prepared. He offers a flat rate deal of $65.00 to take both the impaired partier and their vehicle home safely to their own garage or driveway. He says that several business owners in the area already love the service and are encouraging its use regularly.

If you hit, injure or kill somebody while under the influence of a blood alcohol count of .08 or higher not only are you facing criminal charges, but you're pretty well assured of the civil suit that will follow. Franklin says his rates are very low, designed to deter people from placing themselves in a dangerous situation.

Denny's Towing can also tow vehicles to all local repair shops, dealerships, body shops and private residences. They also provide Roadside Service in the case of vehicle lock-outs...for tire changes...jump starts...winch-outs...and fuel deliveries for vehicles that have run out of gas.

Prior to becoming a police officer, Denny launched Franklin Construction about twelve years ago...and he is a licensed General Contractor in the state of Michigan.

You can reach his new towing service by calling 269-930-1255 at any time.