Denny's Towing began on Jan 1, 2014 through the inspiration of his mother, Christine Franklin. The owner, Dennis Franklin, wanted to start a towing business that was more personal to the public, rather than overly commercialized. He wanted people to have a sense of contentment when they saw the trucks, and a familiar face arriving on the scene.

Dennis is a perfectionist with everything he does, regardless that it may be his personal or professional time. He has a strong passion for working on cars, houses, whatever it might be. He likes things done 100% correctly or nothing. His self gratification is seeing the smile on another's face, knowing they received the work or service they have expected.

Dennis has always been about service and integrity with the community. In 2002 Dennis started Franklin Construction as a licensed General Contractor in Michigan. A few years later, Dennis furthered his service background and pursued his degree in Criminal Justice, and attended the police academy. Dennis currently is a police officer, and still operates Franklin Construction as well as Denny's Towing.

One of his services is to tow the vehicle and drive home an impaired 'partier' for a fixed fee. A great service that can potentially save an individual a lot of money and unwanted circumstances.

Christine & Dennis